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What happens when you put together the best controller player of all time with 5 FNCS wins and a completely random player? Well, let's find out together.

We recently saw the biggest Fortnite tournament since the World Cup: the $4 million FNCS Global Championship, which took place in Copenhagen. The winner was the well-known player Mero, who secured his sixth FNCS title, along with Cooper, for whom it was only his third FNCS final appearance. They started playing together because of a coin flip! Yes, you heard that right, a coin flip. I will explain later.

Mero, like many other players, began his Fortnite journey during the World Cup period, and he has achieved some decent results. His first tournament win dates back to April 2020, when he won a Daily Duo Cash Cup. This was followed by another Cash Cup win a few days later. During 2020, Mero caught the attention of Reverse2k with his good placements in various solo tournaments, both FNCS and Cash Cups.

On August 12, 2020, the trio of Mero, Deyy, and Reverse2k was officially formed, and they secured second place in their first FNCS. In the following weeks, Mero continued to deliver impressive results and even managed a top-six finish at the DreamHack Open in September. In October, they started the FNCS as a trio, steadily accumulating points and placing higher and higher, eventually becoming one of the favorites and, of course, winning their first FNCS. The following month, Mero also won a DreamHack Open in duo with Yung Calculator, ending the year on a high note.

In 2021, Mero continued to play with the same trio, finishing fourth in the Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS. The trio continued to perform well, winning numerous Cash Cups and once again becoming the favorites for the following FNCS Grand Final, which they won for the second time. In the months that followed, Mero won more than three tournaments and finished on the podium in four others.

In September 2021, another FNCS in the trio didn't see them as protagonists, so the trio decided to part ways, especially since Reverse2k announced his retirement from Fortnite. In October 2021, the trio Muz, Mero, and Bugha were born, and they qualified for the finals in the very first week. Needless to say, they won this FNCS as well. However, Bugha decided to stop playing with Muz, and Dukez replaced him, leading to their victory at the FNCS Grand Royale 2021. Mero ended the year on a high note once again.

In 2022, duos were introduced, and Mero played a few Cash Cups with Acorn and did well. However, he decided to team up with Bugha for the FNCS, dominating the competition and winning the finals. In the following months, Mero achieved remarkable results in various competitions in different regions. In May 2022, they finished third in the FNCS Grand Final of Chapter 3 Season 2. Despite this, they continued to play together and finished second in the next FNCS, just one point behind the first-place team, earning them a spot in the FNCS Invitational.

Going into the FNCS Invitational Their duo was in the spotlight, not only because they had been dominating the competition in their region for some time, but also because Bugha was the winner of the last LAN event. Unfortunately, they finished 36th in the FNCS Invitational, which led to Mero's decision to part ways with Bugha. In early 2023, Mero decided to play with Edgey, but their performance was not outstanding, and as a result, he decided to quit, even leaving Dignitas, his organization at the time. However, just one day later, he appeared on the leaderboard of a Cash Cup. It is believed that due to the immense pressure, he initially decided to quit professional competition. A few days later, he realized that he was still very skilled and decided to team up with Cooper, an unknown player at the time. They started playing together thanks to a coin flip. Literally, Cooper said "tails" and Mero flipped the coin and since it landed on "tails" they started playing together. They finished second in their first FNCS together, and the rest is history.

Cooper started competing in 2019, even before Mero, but he didn't start winning money until October 2021. From that point on, he consistently placed well in cash cups, especially solos. In July 2022, he started playing in duos with Nani, with whom he qualified for his first FNCS Finals, but finished in 30th place. From then on, he played with several different players, alternating between decent and mediocre results, until April 2023, when he started playing with Mero.

This duo was not considered one of the favorites; in fact, no one expected them to win. This was partly because they didn't perform well on the first two days. Cooper said in his first stream after the FNCS that he didn't think they would have won the tournament if they had qualified on day one. Apparently, Cooper returned to the hotel in tears after the first day and had a discussion with his duo Mero. They found the strength to do better, with statements like "we're too good not to succeed. Not surprisingly, their stats were impressive, as they had the most kills and the most damage done. They not only managed to win the tournament but also with 60 points above the second place.

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Andrea Memoli

Zenko is an Esports manager specializing in Fortnite, he has worked with two of the best organizations in Europe (Become Legends) and NA (Fusion Esports).


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