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Epic has reported some stats issues.

Epic added another stat "Score"

We added lifetime stats, with all playlists combined. We're still eagerly waiting for leaderboards to be enabled so we can do more fun stuff!


We''re just getting started! As Epic expands their leaderboards and stats systems, we'll continue to build upon that and give you all your stats needs!

Fortnite Leaderboards

# Gamer Wins
1 xbox Solar bear 859
2 psn Fateu57130 815
3 pc 路人炎 807
4 pc woodepeky 788
5 xbox MR WHITEGUY 767
6 psn Silencedisgolden 755
7 xbox GiSnakeey3s 752
8 pc DouYuTV_3476418 745
9 psn Umad-_-Scrub 741
10 pc PP4Steezy 685