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One month after announcing their entrance in the Fortnite arena, Karmine Corp is ready to unveil their debut duo: Danila 'Malibuca' Yakovenko and Andrej 'Merstach' Piratov. With a string of victories under their belts, they're ready to show off their skills at FNCS 2024: Major 2 - Semi-Finals 1: Europe, representing the iconic colours of KCorp.

Having recently announced their entry into the Fortnite competitive arena as a cornerstone of the ESL ft. Fortnite circuit, Karmine Corp has now unveiled its first two signings: Danila 'Malibuca' Yakovenko and Andrej 'Merstach' Piratov. This momentous announcement marks the debut of KCorp's first duo in the fiercely competitive landscape of Battle Royale.

Far from being newcomers to the Fortnite scene, these two players have been honing their skills together for months, amassing a commendable track record of victories. Notable triumphs include FNCS 2023 - Major 1: Europe - Grand Finals and FNCS 2024 - Major 1: Europe - Grand Finals. Karmine Corp has great faith in this dynamic duo to represent the organisation in the upcoming competitions. Their journey will be guided by Philippe 'Oslo' Carvalho, who currently serves as Head of Fortnite and Head Coach, tasked with nurturing their talents for future challenges.

KCorp's FNCS Debut

The duo's first appearance as KCorp representatives is on the horizon as they prepare for FNCS 2024: Major 2 - Semi-Finals 1: Europe, scheduled for Friday 10 May. With qualification for the Major 2 finals of the 2024 season at stake, this is a prime opportunity for them to prove their mettle under the KCorp banner, and underline the organisation's commitment to Fortnite

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Andrea Memoli

Zenko is an Esports manager specializing in Fortnite, he has worked with two of the best organizations in Europe (Become Legends) and NA (Fusion Esports).


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