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Celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup with Football Frenzy in Fortnite. Expect new skins, challenges, and in-game rewards!

The 2022 football World Cup in Qatar kicks off this weekend as the hosts take on Ecuador in the opening fixture. Whichever team you’re cheering on, there will be plenty of ways to get involved in the fun straight from the Battle Royale Island.

Fortnite Football Frenzy World Cup skins

Customizable Fortnite World Cup skins

Fortnite Football Frenzy begins November 21 at 7 PM ET, with the release of the Let Them Know Set.

In total there will be 10 Let Them Know Outfits, each of which is fully customizable. You can don the colours of any of the 32 countries competing at the World Cup, add a scarf, choose your hairstyle and colour, and even adjust the colours of your Gloves, Legs, and Boots.

This will all be available in the Item Shop, alongside the following Let Them Know accessories:

  • World Class Pickaxe

  • Top Trophy Back Bling

  • Fan Fervor Emote
Fortnite Football Frenzy accessories

Football Frenzy Quests & Free Spray

From November 22 at 10 AM ET until December 3 at 3 PM ET, complete special Football Frenzy Quests to earn XP and other rewards.

Complete four Football Frenzy Quests to unlock the Go for the Goal Spray.

Fortnite Go for the Goal Spray

More Football Frenzy leaks (New Icon skin?)

That’s all we know about the Football Frenzy event right now. However, there may be even more coming next week.

Popular leaker @iFireMonkey noticed that there is currently another Set codenamed “Sphere Kick Group”. Right now there is only a Spray linked to it, but not the Go for the Goal Spray mentioned above.

FireMonkey guessed that we could perhaps get a new Fortnite Icon skin added for the World Cup too – we have football stars like Neymar and Harry Kane already, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Also, this mysterious Spray is codenamed “FFC”. This may possibly stand for Football Frenzy Cup, maybe suggesting a tournament where players can win the new Icon gear.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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