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See yourself as a Late Game Arena pro? Time to prove it and net some earnings in these new Cash Cups.

Fortnite’s popular Late Game Arena mode is back for the first time since Chapter 2! It was added in Tuesday’s v21.50 patch and has received some exciting improvements.

Late Game features a fresh loot pool with a selection of classic weapons, including the Pump Shotgun. Gameplay for the first Storm Phase has been adjusted to stop so many people dying early, and help keep things intense.

To celebrate the return, Epic is running a selection of Late Game Arena tournaments over the coming weeks. These include prized Cash Cups and fun Quick Cups, for both Solos and Trios.

Late Game Arena Cash Cup schedule

Check out the dates of all Late Game tournaments for the rest of the season below:

  • September 3: Late Game Solo Quick Cup

  • September 4: Late Game Trios Quick Cup

  • September 6: Late Game Solo Quick Cup & Late Game Trios Quick Cup

  • September 8: Late Game Trios Cash Cup

  • September 13: Late Game Solo Cash Cup

  • September 15: Late Game Solo Quick Cup & Late Game Trios Quick Cup

  • September 16: Late Game Solo Cash Cup

  • September 17: Late Game Trios Cash Cup

You can see your local start time and track your performance via our live Late Game Arena Cash Cup leaderboards.


Cash Cups will occur across two rounds. In Round 1, you’ll have 2 hours to complete up to 12 matches, earning points for placement and eliminations.

Only the top 60 players (a full Late Game lobby) will progress to the set lobby Round 2. They will play 10 matches to compete for the prizes.

The Quick Cups are just one round, with 2 hours to play 12 matches.

Get your hands on a Legendary Pump in Late Game Arena.

Late Game Arena Cash Cup Prize Pool

Fortnite events tend to have different prizing for each region, but this time around it’s even across the board.

Solo Cup Prizing (All Regions)

1st: $1,000
2nd: $600
3rd: $400
4th - 10th: $200

Trio Cup Prizing (All Regions)

1st: $1,200
2nd - 5th: $600

You’ll need to have Two-Factor Authentication enabled and be at account level 50 or higher (check Career tab in-game) to participate. However, there is no minimum Arena rank for the Late Game Arena Cash Cups.

Find full details and entry requirements in the official Fortnite Late Game Cups Rules.

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James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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