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We asked for crazy and we got it… Chapter 2 Season 7 is here!

Just in time for summer, a new season of Fortnite is underway. The v17.00 update sees aliens invade the Battle Royale Island, bringing all kinds of advanced tech, exciting mobility and of course, a fresh Battle Pass.


When you jump out of the Battle Bus, you will notice that some of the locations on your map are written in purple text. This means that there is a strong hostile presence at these spots.

Alien flying saucers will try to abduct you, attack you and generally just give you a hard time. However, aside from simply shooting them down, you can also hijack these enemy vessels.

Travel at speed, beam up anything you fancy, and even Reboot teammates with the UFO vehicle. Be careful though, much like Choppers and Planes, you will take a lot of damage if it gets destroyed.

Loot Pool

A number of classic weapons return for Season 7, along with some powerful new devices.

enter image description here

Rail Gun

Almost resembling a more advanced version of the Heavy Sniper, the Rail gun can be charged up to fire a single powerful blast. Shots will shatter builds and potentially hit opponents behind them, dealing a significant 85 damage.

Early gameplay suggests that this could be the one of the most overpowered new weapons. Lining up multiple shots on an unsuspecting foe in team modes could be lethal.

Pulse Rifle

Reminiscent of the Stark Rifle from Season 4, though perhaps not quite as deadly, the Pulse Rifle is fully automatic when hip-fired, yet semi-auto when you aim in.

Benefit from instant first shot accuracy when aiming down sights, perfect for securing those Storm Suge tags in competitive matches.

Recon Scanner

This unique launcher shoots a recon bolt that highlights nearby enemies similarly to the shakedown mechanic. Because of its relatively fast recharge rate, you can use it multiple times in the same fight, giving you a huge advantage.

While not its primary use, the bolt will also deal damage if you hit an enemy directly. Additionally, fans have already discovered that it can be used to “rocket ride” your friends.

More of these high-tech new weapons, including the Kymera Ray Gun, are scheduled to arrive throughout the season.

Standard Assault Rifles, Pump Shotguns and Tacs remain in-game, plus Sniper Rifles and Launch Pads are back for Season 7.


enter image description here

The crafting system is now essentially sidegrading, collect nuts and bolts to craft popular vaulted weapons. Swap an Assault Rifle for a Burst AR, turn any Submachine Gun into a Rapid Fire SMG or modify your Shotgun into a Lever Action.

Upgrade Stations now allow you to spend Gold to increase your weapon rarity, however it is currently very expensive. Vending Machines are a far cheaper alternative to get your hands on some top tier gear.

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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