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The qualification period for the Esports World Cup has now ended. As mentioned in several previous articles, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will be hosting a $60 million competition between several top esports titles this summer. Fortnite will once again be a part of this exciting event, which will feature a unique prize pool. Unlike previous tournaments that focused on Battle Royale or Zero Build modes, this time the competition will take place in Creative gamemode, with custom maps designed specifically for this tournament. Over the past few weeks, many organizations have secured their spot in the finals. In this article, we will highlight all of the teams that have qualified.

DreamHack Dallas

The qualifiers began with DreamHack Dallas, featuring over 37 teams. Team Falcons, Agent Gaming, Karmine Corp, Heroic, Fnatic, and BIG led the leaderboard.

Online qualifier

In the past few days, the online qualifiers have taken place, where the best remaining teams from various nations fought for a spot in the finals. In this tournament, the top 2 teams from Europe, North America, LATAM, and MENA will qualify. Only 1 team each from Oceania and Asia will advance.

In Europe, Gaimin Gladiators topped the rankings, followed closely by a roster featuring XSweeze, Bloomy, Vortexers, and Voxe.

In North America, XSET and Dignitas secured the qualification spots, establishing themselves as some of the best rosters in the world.

In South America, two free agent rosters qualified, with the one consisting of Randu, Itrol, Lewa & Romero winning the event. Frosty, Seeyun, Kurtz & Phzin also qualified.

In the Middle East, the roster consisting of Adapter, FHD, Hero & Mansour won the event, while Balor, FHD, Mshx & NM7 finished in second place.

In Asia, Zeta Division won by beating everyone, while in Oceania, PWR won.

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Andrea Memoli

Zenko is an Esports manager specializing in Fortnite, he has worked with two of the best organizations in Europe (Become Legends) and NA (Fusion Esports).


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