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We continue to work on the platform and products. getting your feedback, improving, making progress. Here's what we released this month.


  • [General] Quality of life improvements to manual searches on our websites.
  • [R6 Siege] Some more improvements and tweaks to the new site we launched last month.
  • [R6 Siege] Season 34 support.
  • [Valorant] Console stats now available! Search for your Riot ID and use the Console filter on your profile.
  • [Valorant] Added "Abyss" map Support across the site and matches.
  • [XDefiant] Stream overlay for XDefiant is now available. Get yours here.
  • [Fortnite] Added "Reload stats" to your overall career stats on profiles and leaderboards.

Mobile App:

  • [General] Improved first time user experience.
  • [General] Added avatar upload settings and premium frame selector.
  • [XDefiant] Added new title to the app: XDefiant.
  • [R6 Siege] Improved title support for R6 Siege.

Desktop Apps:

  • [Valorant] The new map "Abyss" is fully supported now.
  • [R6 Siege] Updated the app's theme.
  • [R6 Siege] Redesigned the settings page.
  • [R6 Siege] You can now sign in with your Tracker Network account. Use your Tracker Network account to activate your Premium membership benefits across all your R6 Siege accounts and more.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the app from determining a round outcome.
  • [R6 Siege] The app's inbuilt browser now opens our new website.
  • [R6 Siege] Removed stats from the homepage which Ubisoft deprecated.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed an issue where the app failed to save the played vs/with data in some cases.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented the app from determining the correct match outcome.
  • [R6 Siege] The new operators "Striker" and "Sentry" are fully supported now.
  • [R6 Siege] Added tracking for the "Stadium Alpha" map.
  • [R6 Siege] Added an additional workaround to ensure the match/round outcome is correctly determined.
  • [R6 Siege] Fixed future match tracking for the "Stadium Bravo" map.

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