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Tipping our hat to Epic Games for their increased competitive transparency, we’ve got another highly requested idea for you to consider

Fortnite must have had a severe change of heart over the course of the past season - and in a very good way. This week, Epic Games showed more competitive motivation and transparency than we’ve seen in a good while

We have to go back to earlier this week when Dreamhack announced their first $250,000 duo tournament. With just two weeks until event kickoff, players have been demanding for Duos Arena to prepare

Epic must have hired a new community manager or something - because they were all over this issue from the get go

Fortnite struck a deal with their community. Get their competitive Twitter page to 1 million followers - and they’ll add the most highly requested gamemode

Lo and behold, Fortnite stuck to their promise as their follow count eclipsed the proverbial second comma. Seriously, that’s why Duos Arena was added in a seemingly random time of the day

Analyst BallaTW praised Fortnite for moving in the right direction; players like G2 Coop went as far to call Epic “BEST COMPANY EVER” after waking up to an early Christmas present

We also saw Fortnite host its very first box fighting tournament with a cash prize. The event was a huge success; many box fighting experts like Clix topped the leaderboards and made thousands in the process

Needless to say the devs are hanging sweet with the community right now. That’s why -- in my opinion -- now’s the time to double down on good decisions. Strike while the iron is hot

Option to disable pre-editing

By far the most requested competitive quality of life change has to be disabling pre-edits. From your favorite content creator SypherPK to practically every elite pro across the globe agree that adding this tiny feature would be a game changer for consistent editing

FNCompetitive, Fortnite’s competitive dedicated subreddit picked up on the idea once more:

@FNCompetitive How many followers to disable pre edits? from r/FortniteCompetitive

User u/VicLate complains how pre-edits continue to plague certain competitive scenarios, even years after the annoyance was first reported. He asks for Fortnite to offer a follower goal, partially in jest

But there is still some seriousness to the request. Once again, Fortnite developers are on a mini-roll right now. The communication is on point and players are competing in a popular gamemode

Adding these targeted changes are exactly why Fortnite is seeing record competitive numbers. According to an FNCompData report, Trios FNCS saw record breaking numbers for the first week of play. Nearly 7 times as many players populate the FNCS servers than this time last year

So Fortnite, the ball is still in your court. Will you continue to listen to the community on these popular topics -- and slam dunk the metaphorical basketball?

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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