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Let’s take a trip back in time and look at some of the more obscure items from Fortnite’s brief history. Ah the good old days…

Over the last two years, all kinds of weird and wonderful weapons, throwables and consumables have made it into the Fortnite loot pool. Some have been insanely overpowered, some were just good fun and others perhaps sorely missed. Here are just 3 of the items that long term Fortnite fans will remember:


Yes, these were actually in the game, and to be fair they were only vaulted at the end of Season 8. Balloons were first added during Season 6, or November last year (Happy Birthday!) and allowed you to float gracefully around the map at your own leisure. Initially they had an incredibly high drop rate and it seemed like everyone in the lobby was carrying a set, but this was dramatically reduced soon after.

Using just one balloon would allow you to move around quickly and came in handy for rotations, whilst deploying the max number would send you soaring endlessly upwards until they started to pop. You had to be careful whilst flying high as there was always the chance that someone would shoot out your balloons and bring you crashing back down to the ground.

Many players were not fans of the item, as the noise of someone using Balloons was almost impossible to hear over the other sounds of battle. Often this would allow an enemy to silently glide up above you and hit you with a surprise one pump. However, at this point in Chapter 2 everyone is so desperate for some form of mobility that they may actually welcome Balloons back with open arms.

Guided Missile

Plenty of Fortnite lovers will have missed out on using this bad boy, as it was only in the game for around four months in total. First introduced in Season 3, the Guided Missile was then taken out shortly after over concerns that it was too strong. It later made a less than triumphant return for parts of Seasons 5 and 6. Fun fact, this was the first ever item to be unvaulted!

The launcher was unique, in that it allowed players to pilot their own rockets and steer them towards enemies. You had to find a good hiding spot when using it though, as your character would just be standing there defenceless whilst you used the missile.

This added a whole new element to rocket riding and made for some awesome clips and no doubt some great memories. By the second time around though, players were much more competent builders and the Guided Missile wasn’t particularly useful. This meant it rarely got picked up which led to its eventual removal.

Boom Box

The Boom Box is possibly the least popular item on this list. In fact, the community hated it so much that it lasted just over a month before being vaulted. With all of the controversy around planes and the Infinity Blade in Season 7, this was just one more thing for people to complain about, and rightly so…

A Boom Box could be thrown towards enemy structures, or even buildings and would begin to pump out music so loud it would destroy anything within a spherical two tile radius. The effects would last for 18 seconds, unless you depleted the Box’s 400HP before that.

Despite not dealing damage to players, this was still one of the worst items to deal with. Boom Boxes caused absolute chaos in busy landing spots, especially early game when no one had materials. If you dropped at Tilted Towers, you could be sure that within a few minutes, most of the buildings would be gone. Hey Mr DJ, won’t you turn the music off?

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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