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A new countdown for the Robot vs. Monster battle has been leaked as the robot continues to grow. If the robot is this big, though, how big is the monster? And what locations will fall victim to this skirmish?

The end of Season 9 is on the horizon, which means a season-ending event is incoming. This weekend, we saw a countdown for the event leak and the robot continued to grow.

This creates a couple of questions about the event. How big is the monster if the robot is so massive? What areas of the map will get stepped on during the big fight?

How big is the monster?

The robot is huge, as you can see from the image above that places it next to a bus. It's under construction in Pressure Plant right now, and when you add the torso the robot might be even taller than the original Volcano that was in its place.

This begs the question: how big is the monster? All we've seen is an eye and a few footprints, along with a swimming Polar Peak castle off the coast of the island.

We still haven't seen the monster just yet, but the scale of the robot suggests it's going to be huge - much larger than I initially thought.

If both of these creatures are this large, there is going to be some serious destruction around the Fortnite map.

Areas most likely to be decimated

So, what areas are going to be destroyed when the monster and robot finally meet? Here's what I think.

Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge is at the top of this list for a few reasons. It's been in the game since launch, it's right next to Pressure Plant, and the area hasn't been changed very much since Fortnite first released.

We can assume that at least part of Lonely Lodge will get stomped on during this fight.

Pressure Plant

Pressure Plant is a given, here. Even if the fight doesn't take place on the robot's turf, it's probably going to destroy most of the area on its way to the battle.

Lazy Lagoon

I include Lazy in here because this area of the map has faced constant changes for several seasons. We had the OG Anarchy Acres, Lazy Links, and now Lazy Lagoon.

The pirate theme is also over a season old at this point. Lazy is due for a rework.

Salty Springs

Like Lonely Lodge, Salty Springs has been on the map since Fortnite first came out. I remember when this place was an unnamed gem.

Now, Salty is overrun with nearly everyone who used to land at the old Tilted Towers. It's also in the center of the map, which could be a meeting point for the monster and the robot.

Greasy Grove

Please - for the love of God - melt Greasy Grove. This was one of my favorite places to land before it was unceremoniously frozen.

Apart from the destruction of Polar Peak and the monster's escape, there's no real reason to think Greasy will come back. This is just wishful thinking on my part.

Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is another location that hasn't seen a change in quite some time. It's not very popular either - although it's still a great place to land. I could see the robot meeting the monster on the shore to start the fight, which could be a place like Lonely Lodge at the edge of the map.

Leaked countdown

I figured I'd include this in here because it's not exactly worthy of its own post. Data miner Lucas7Yoshi uncovered a countdown for the event, which we will likely see in the days leading up to the inevitable battle.

The leak only shows us what the countdown will look like - not when the event will happen. The presence of "DAY" in the countdown means we'll start to see the buildup at least 2 or 3 days before the ultimate battle.

What area do you think will get destroyed when the monster and robot face off? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteTracker

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Jimmy Russo

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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