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Epic Games released a blog post covering the Storm Flip, the Week 10 Qualifiers, and a future Trios tournament. Take a look at everything the blog included.

On June 20, Epic Games released a blog post detailing the week 10 qualifiers and stating that the Storm Flip would be removed from all competitive modes.

They also announced a new tournament when the team comes back from Summer Break. Here's what the blog post covered.

Trios Tournament

The Fortnite development team is taking a break for the summer and will be away from June 24 to June 8. This explains why the last patch contained so much information in the way of leaked game files.

In the blog post, Epic stated that they wouldn't be hosting any competitive events during that time.

They did, however, tease a Trios tournament on July 13th and 14th.

It will be interesting to see how the Trios tournament will play out. Back in the old days, everyone thought that Squads would be the standard competitive Fortnite mode.

With the tunneling and turtling meta the way it is, more members of a squad will mean more late-game builds. Hopefully, the servers will still be able to handle that amount of information.

Storm Flip Removal

enter image description here

Another area Epic touched on in their blog post was the Storm Flip item. Those who watched the first day of the week 10 World Cup Qualifiers may have wondered where this item was.

Epic is removing the item from all competitive modes until further notice. They sited endgame readability as their reason for removing the item.

The Storm Flip was always far too strong for competitive Fortnite. The item would be overpowered if it did 2 storm ticks per second nearing the final circle - forget about 5.

Thankfully, Epic saw this issue and removed the Storm Flip from qualifiers and Arena Mode.

Epic has been adamant that they want their base loot pool and competitive loot pool to stay the same. The Storm Flip made it impossible and might open the door to further changes to competitive loot in the future.

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