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Bugs are nothing new to Fortnite but rarely do they work in the favor of players. This bug might help struggling players finally get their first 'victory' of the season.

Fortnite has some substantial bugs on its hands. Players are still encountering the bug that doesn't allow them to get out of their vehicle, which is the reason Epic removed vehicles from the qualifiers this past weekend.

Well, one Redditor encountered a bug that gave him his first victory of the season, along with the new Season 9 victory umbrella.

There's a bug in the Switch where if a squad of 3 people kill you, you become one of them. Easy way to get my first victory Royale this season from r/FortNiteBR

According to the Reddit post, the player died and noticed that his rank never appeared after his squad was finished. He stayed in the game to see if he would get a top-ten placement for one of his challenges.

When the game ended, he saw that he ranked first. When he went to his locker, he saw the victory umbrella even though he had yet to get a true win this season.

Other commenters theorized that this bug has been in the game for a while, or that it was introduced with the Reboot Vans. The player who encountered the bug was the last one on his squad, which might have something to do with it.

Either way - if you're struggling to get your first W - it's worth a shot. Nobody really wants to watch an entire squads match, but it might be worthwhile for those who struggle to get their seasonal victory umbrellas.

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