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Season 8 of Fortnite seemed a bit lackluster in terms of lore, but all that has changed in the past week, with more and more details uncovering on the Fortnite map.

It seemed like Season 8 was one of the tamer seasons in terms of Fortnite lore, but that was before we saw the excavation crew digging around Loot Lake. The team uncovered a UFO (or giant hatch or something, we don't know quite yet), and things around the map have gotten a whole lot stranger since then.

Runes started to appear around the UFO, then a floating rune started to make its way to its eventual resting spot: Loot Lake.

The volcano started to smoke, and then we saw some lasers popping up around the map. Last I checked, there was one at the top of the volcano and another near the giant tree next to Polar Peak. The volcano laser seems to be connecting to the Loot Lake rune, and the other is pointing off of the map.

So, what's going to happen around the Fortnite map? No one is entirely sure, but two things are more than likely to take place: the volcano is going to explode and the eggs are going to hatch.

An eventual volcanic eruption might have been one of the most telegraphed events in Fortnite. It was obvious as soon as we saw it appear at the beginning of Season 8.

What was a bit more subtle, though, was the eggs at the bottom of Polar Peak moving to their new spot in the volcano. It makes sense that an eventual eruption would be enough to hatch them, potentially leading to the world boss that has been rumored for four or five seasons now.

As far as the lasers, runes, and UFOs are concerned: it's anyone's guess at this point. Will these two events even have anything to do with one another? Does the confirmed Avengers crossover tie into all of this? We'll have to wait and see.

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