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Dataminers are always finding the weak points in the Fortnite game files, giving us a taste of the new cosmetics coming to the game. Take a look at all of the leaked cosmetics found in the v8.40 game files.

This patch didn't give us a ton in terms of cosmetics. We only have one skin if you don't count what's already in the item shop. Let's take a look at what's coming.


enter image description here

The Gemini skin will come with challenges to unlock a new version along with new back bling (view this below).

Here are the new items that are currently in the shop as of the 8.40 update.

Back Bling

All we have (as of now) is the back bling that will accompany the Gemini skin and its alternative style.

enter image description here enter image description here


There will be a new music item added to the shop as well. Based on the name, I'm guessing it will be a remix of the Electro Swing emote.

enter image description here

That's all we have for 8.40 leaks for now. It's not much, so we can expect more items coming to the shop as a surprise. We'll make sure to keep this post updated if dataminers find any more cosmetics in the game files.

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