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Ziplines have always been prone to bugs. Check out an exploit that one player found while combining a Launch Pad and Zipline.

The Zipline in Fortnite has been one of the more bug-prone items in the game. If you recall, you used to run the risk of getting yeeted into another zip code every time you had a build fight near one.

Another bug involved driving under a Zipline in an airplane. The Zipline would make your character break through all of the builds around you after you got out of the plane.

Recent updates have eliminated these problems, but one Reddit user found a new bug. This one is a bit more intentional, so you probably don't have to worry about encountering it by mistake.

New jump pad bug. Whith this bug you can break everything in your way. from r/FortNiteBR

As you can see, this bug involves placing a Launch Pad underneath a Zipline and activating the Zipline on your way into the air. When you land, you'll break through everything you come in contact with.

This probably isn't the most game-breaking bug we've seen in Fortnite, but Epic should probably still address it. It will have a couple of situational advantages, but you'll be breaking through your own structures as well - a clear disadvantage.

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