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Life often tries to get in your way, filling you with obstacles. KBR's story is no different, but he, unlike many, has found the strength to overcome the challenges and is about to reach his goal after a long time. Today we will walk through the story of this young Brazilian professional player.

KBR's first contact with a video game occurred in an Internet café near his home in Petrópolis. Kaique, who was 8 years old at the time, used to play GTA with friends in his neighbourhood, secretly from his parents. The first electronic device Kaique interacted with was a cell phone he received when he was between 11 and 12 years old. For a time, he even made it to the global top 600 in Clash Royale, so much so that he found himself representing a famous team at the time.

KBR became disinterested in Clash Royale just because of the launch of Fortnite. At first, the player did not own a computer and needed help to afford one. He received a laptop computer as a gift from his parents because of the school; he needed it to study.

KBR with its first laptop computer

The real entry into the competitive world comes after the announcement of the 2019 World Cup. The boy played a lot and improved by leaps and bounds. He won the first prize money during the third week of the world cup. The fact that he could earn this kind of money through the computer interested the family. The parents could not afford to buy the guy a new computer, but his cousin, a professional poker player, decided to invest in Kaique.

After good placings in various tournaments, KBR managed to attract the interest of Team Vikings, an esports organization that was just then entering Fortnite. The player signed with Team Vikings in April 2020 but left the organization later that year.

During his career, KBR has faced many disappointments. The player revealed that he considered quitting the game when he failed to qualify for the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6 finals. However, he continued playing to prove he could make it. The following season he reached the playoffs and was so happy that he cried.

In February 2022, life tried again to force Kaique to sit down: Petrópolis, the city where he has lived since childhood, was hit very badly by floods, flash floods that dragged several cars and several deaths. He had his house flooded and lost furniture, appliances, food and clothes he owned, but he again decided to continue: he remained focused on the FNCS.

A few months later, the player finally reached the top in Brazil. The achievement did not fall from the sky but resulted from hard work and dedication. Kaique admits that everything he went through helped him become who he is today.

Because of this victory, KBR and his Xeat duo qualify for the FNCS Invitational, the first tournament in LAN since the World Cup, with more than $1 million up for grabs. The two boys will face top players from all regions. Although the duo was known to dominate South America, most people expected a poor performance from the two Brazilian boys. But this is where once again, Kaique manages to amaze everyone!

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Andrea Memoli

Zenko is the Fortnite manager for the renamed organization Fusion Esports, well-known thanks to his past working for Become Legends. He is 18 years old and Italian.


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