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New patch means new leaked skins. Let's check out what Fortnite has in store for us. Say goodbye to your paycheck!

Data miners have gone to work on the new patch and uncovered some cosmetics that should be hitting the store in the coming days and weeks.

Surprisingly, it seems like some of these items will be added directly to your locker as variations to existing skins. We've heard rumblings about these skins coming to the game, but it looks like their addition is now imminent.

The gifts started this morning as players opened their lockers to find a few variations and back blings added to the "OG" Merry Marauder and Ginger Gunner skins. The Crackshot also got a little mechanical bird as a back bling.


The Frozen Legends Bundle appears to be a group of reskins of popular skins that already exist in the game. We can only hope that Epic will give us these variants for free if we already own the base skins, but that might only be a pipe dream.

Commercial Photography (via Lucas7yoshi)

There were some new skins added to the game as well, and these look to be mostly of the uncommon variety. I think we have a couple of new "sweaty" skins on our hands, here.

Commercial Photography (via Lucas7yoshi) leaked-skins2 (via iRealCross)


There were a TON of pickaxes added to the game files with this patch. A personal favorite of mine is the shovel with the eye in the middle. I'm definitely going to have to grab that one. Let us know on Twitter which one is your favorite.

leaked-pickaxe1 leaked-pickaxe2 leaked-pickaxe3 (via Lucas7yoshi)


We can expect a few new gliders in the game as well. I've never been a glider person, myself, as I'm always nervous they're going to make too much noise. I hate it when you can't hear whether or not there's a chest below you as you land.

The paper airplane glider seems like the best one In my opinion: simple, quiet, and pretty cool.

leaked-gliders (via Lucas7yoshi)

Back Bling

There are a few new back bling options as well, many of which match with the skins we've already seen. It looks like the calculator and laptop back blings will match with the "nerdy" style skins, and the others will be part of the Frozen Legends Bundle. The other three have already been released as add-ons to the Crackshot, Marauder and Ginger Gunner.

backblings1 backblings2 backblings3 (via Lucas7yoshi)

Hopefully, you'll be able to adjust the numbers on that calculator.

Loading Screens

Finally, we have the loading screens. There isn't much to say about these, but you can look forward to unlocking them as you finish your challenges over the next month.

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