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It’s that time again! Competitive Fortnite fans are in for a thrilling month of top tier action in the C3:S2 FNCS.

The Chapter 3 Season 2 FNCS is in full swing and today the first set of teams will book their spots Finals, where a total prize pool of over $3,000,000 is up for grabs. Just five duos from each region will make the cut, we’ll keep this article updated to help you keep track.

Additionally, this Round 4 broadcast provides our first look at some of the new content filmed by BLAST at the recent FNCS media days. So far, I’ve spotted a couple of awesome high production value interviews with pros, as well as a game which had players put their map knowledge to the test by racing to various locations based on a closeup image.

It’s great to see more of these pro’s personalities, especially as many of them choose not to stream. The quality of the broadcast itself, as well as the social media push around FNCS has definitely been take to a new level.

Plus, Twitch chat on the official stream is no longer in emote only mode, making for a way more interactive experience!

Elsewhere, viewers were left confused when Vontrex02 and Jason were disqualified almost immediately after placing second in Game 2. They had been using their usual heal-off strategy, staying in storm all match and using a combination of items to try and outlast the lobby.

Vontrex quickly took to Twitter to say that he had been wrongly banned due to a mass report Discord bot. However, fresh evidence from @ohlitmybad suggests that he was in fact banned for a Guzzle Juice exploit last season which has consequently made him illegible to compete in this FNCS.

This is currently unverified so for now there is no confirmed reason for Vontrex’s disqualification.

EU concluded with back to back Victory Royales from Merstach and Malibuca, who unsurprisingly topped the leaderboard after winning three of the six matches. Falcon Esports pair TaySon and Chapix followed closely behind, proving that their championship calibre is still very much intact.

Duos qualified directly to Finals


1. Centric Merstach & TT9 Malibuca

2. Falcon TaySon & Falcon Chapix

3. Rellvis & Paradise Crusti

4. 59 Grollz & Shizoname

5. Saints Joe & Saints zAndy

NA East:

  1. Peterbot & MTRX Bylah
  2. G2 Ajerss & KNG Khanada
  3. Elite Death & Tabnae
  4. Degen & Eomzo
  5. SEN Bugha & Dignitas Mero

NA West:

  1. 100T Rehx & TSM Reet
  2. KNG Chicken & 33 Mechton
  3. PSR Rexzi & Ignite Ranckie
  4. Xen Lime & PSR Chip
  5. Caleb & 33 Solution

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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