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We are happy to announce that we have partnered with DreamHack for the DreamHack Beyond Community Clash Challenge!

DreamHack Beyond is an all-digital free interactive experience that lets you customize your avatar and experience the latest in gaming, Dreamhack competitions, including new game demos, community interaction, tournaments, and more.

Throughout the DreamHack Beyond Event that will take place on July 24th- July 31st, you will be able to participate in online challenges on Fortnite Tracker, R6 Siege Tracker, and Warzone Tracker!

For eight straight days, you will be able to challenge the community leaderboard each day with a new winner, which also means a daily cash prize.

More details on the daily prize are $125 for the Kills Challenge winner on these games

Follow us on Twitter for more updates before the DreamHack Beyond starts on July 24th, and check out DreamHack Beyond on Twitter as well.

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