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Fresh victors, returning greats, jaw-dropping clutches and monumental comebacks, the Season 6 FNCS had it all.

This weekend saw the dramatic conclusion of the Chapter 2 Season 6 FNCS. The Fortnite Champion Series is Fortnite’s premier competitive offering, with players battling through multiple stages of qualification to make it to the Finals, where only the best of the best can succeed.

Since Epic announced that the FNCS would be focusing on Trios mode for the foreseeable future, the tournament seems to have gone from strength to strength. Enthralling cross-season storylines are starting to develop, the official broadcast is becoming more and more entertaining, and some teams are already beginning to cement their legacy.


In Europe, MrSavage, Endretta and Refsgaard led the pack at the end of day one, with last season’s Champions JannisZ, Hen and Chapix sitting just a single point behind. Hen and co appeared to be demonstrating that auto-qualifying to Finals isn’t a problem for top teams, despite being contested at their Craggy Cliffs drop.

Sadly, the Season 5 champs could not replicate this performance on Sunday and dropped down to finish in 8th place. However, having picked up one Victory Royale and narrowly choked another on Saturday, it was Queasy, TruleX and Jur3ky who really popped off on day two, with their electrifyingly consistent high ground strategy leaving viewers mesmerized.

It was a two-horse race going into Game 6. Queasy’s trio just had to do enough to keep Endretta and the boys at bay. In classic comp Fortnite fashion, the two teams ended up going toe to toe during the penultimate zone, Savage even securing an elimination on TruleX.

Ultimately, all six players fell around the same time, meaning that Queasy, TruleX and Jur3ky held on to their lead and were crowned Champions of EU. The win was incredibly fitting. They played for Victory Royales rather than just placement and took risks others would be afraid to take. It paid off, literally, with each member walking away $100,000 richer.

NA East

NA East similarly came down to a two-trio showdown. Cented, Edgey and Commandment topped the day one leaderboards, intent on finally gripping the coveted Axe of Champions having finished 2nd in both the Season 4 and 5 FNCS Finals.

It wouldn’t be easy. Season 4 winners Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero were hot on Cented’s heels every step of the way. In Game 5 of day two, Mero, who now impressively boasts the record for highest individual eliminations in each of the previous three FNCS Finals, pulled off a spectacular solo-clutch. The controller star took height by himself, collecting a flurry of kills and almost securing the victory.

Thanks to Mero’s efforts, the Endless Esports trio went into the last match of the weekend just four points off 1st place. Both teams got off to shaky starts. Cented had to be rebooted after taking a questionable fight at Flush Factory and Deyy was also knocked, his team struggling to find Storm Surge tags at range.

Edgey and Commandment were forced to play the late-game as a duo after Cented was eliminated by a Bow headshot. They managed to eke out some extra placement points, but in the end a 6-elimination 6th place for Reverse, Deyy and Mero was sufficient to seize the top spot.

To the amusement of the community, Reverse2k, who posted a video prior to the Finals trash-talking his opponents, has shown that he can definitely walk the walk too. They are now the first people on NAE to win multiple FNCS titles, and will undoubtedly remain a favorite for Season 7.

Overall, the Season 6 FNCS was a huge success. Though the “Primal” meta was not tremendously popular, the Finals, as well as the weekly qualifiers and Semi-Finals, were a blast to watch.

Many of the changes that were initially doubted, such as the extended Reboot Round, proved to be a hit. As Epic continues to refine the format and hone the viewing experience, the FNCS, and Fortnite as a whole, moves ever closer towards resembling a “real esport”, and garnering the respect and attention that we all know it deserves.

All Season 6 FNCS Champions

Europe: Queasy, TruleX & Jur3ky

NA East: Reverse2k, Deyy & Mero

NA West: Arkhram, Rehx & EpikWhale

Brazil: Cadu, Seeyun & King

Oceania: Muz, Looter & Speedy

Asia: Allen, Shamokiy & Force

Middle East: Vagnarite, Kings & Dexefite

Check the full FNCS Chapter 2 Season 6 leaderboards for each region here. Make sure to click “View Cumulative” to see the final standings.

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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