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Twitch livestreamer and casual-competitive player ActingLikeTommy just qualified for FNCS semifinals. Here’s why it’s special

ActingLikeTommy is a Twitch livestreamer and Fortnite competitor that gained notoriety for breaking barriers within the gaming community. He was recently showcased on the #Faze5 challenge as a 51 year old gamer that’s pretty darn good

Imagine your dad playing Fortnite -- and being better than you. With a knack for playing endgames as a support role, ActingLikeTommy is Fortnite’s dad. He’s an upbeat Twitch creator with a rapidly growing community

Just today, Tommy broke a new (unofficial) record. Fifty one years young, ActingLikeTommy is now the oldest player to qualify for the Fortnite Championship Series semis

The community rallied behind Tommy. By the time his trio got to the final game, a pop-off performance would be enough to qualify for the next round and lament history

… And Tommy went off

He secured two eliminations at the most crucial of moments. Then, his trio stuck around in the lobby long enough for a fourth place finish. Tommy and company secured 112 points when the dust settled, comfortably above the qualification threshold

Top creators jumped in and hyped up Tommy during his moment of fame. JeltyTV dropped a 12,000 viewer host, and pro players Reet, Colazo, and Faxuty were among those cheering on from the stands


Image courtesy of ActingLikeTommy on Twitch

Ageism is a definite problem for older players looking to get into gaming. There’s a level of confidence needed to look past the haters -- and piles of “boomer” jokes -- to not only grind Fortnite but also stream the entire journey

If you end up watching Tommy, you’ll soon realize his infatuation with calling everyone “boss”. “What’s up boss?” “I got you boss.” “No mats, boss.” It’s great. He has the vigor of a twenty year old -- and I mean that in the best way

Tommy is on the hunt to join a tier 1 organization. After falling just short of Faze5, Tommy still hasn’t skipped a beat. He was even sporting NRG merch on the stream today. Hey orgs, this is your guy

Congratulations Tommy and best of luck in your future endeavours! Follow us on Twitter for more competitive updates

Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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