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Dreamhack Duos returns tomorrow, December 9th. Here’s how to play

On November 27th, Dreamhack announced the 8th iteration of the monthly Fortnite circuit. This December, prepare for another Duos event in all three major regions

Dreamhack has quickly turned from the niche yearly LAN with a wonky format to a monthly staple in the competitive Fortnite scene. This December will mark the 8th consecutive month that Dreamhack hosts a $250,000 Fortnite event in collaboration with Epic Games

Players have become fond of the placement heavy format with thresholds after each elimination. The incentive to stay alive as long as possible in combination with multiple heats makes a Dreamhack weekend action packed, to say the least

The event has typically offered tournaments for NA-East, NA-West, and Europe to cover all major areas Dreamhack operates in. They stagger each region to different time slots for maximum coverage and hype

Here are the event dates for each region:

  • NA-East - December 9th, 10th

  • NA-West - December 16th, 17th

  • Europe - December 19th, 20th

For some reason, Dreamhack decided to place the NA-East and NA-West event windows in the middle of the weeks while only Europe enjoys a weekend time slot

If I were a betting man, I’d assume they’re cramming the events together due to a much bigger winter event Epic is hosting. Additionally, since SypherPK and Nickmercs are grinding Fortnite once again, there absolutely has to be more duo events planned this winter

Could Winter Royale duos be the last event in 2020? I think so… but I also feel like a conspiracy theorist puzzling together a bunch of different hints, so take my points with a grain of salt

Where to sign up

Signing up for Dreamhack is a two step process. First, you’re going to fill out this google form

Once you’re done with that form, simply register on the Epic Games website (found here) to unlock the event in your “Compete” tab. A word of warning -- you’ll be locked out of competing if you don’t do this before the first event start time in your region

Format & other details

Dreamhack is notorious for their stability, so don’t expect any drastic format changes. In fact, don’t expect any format changes at all. We’ll still have two open heats, a semifinals and one finals to top it off


  • 1st - 55

  • 2nd - 49

  • 3rd - 46

  • 4th - 43

  • 5th - 40

  • 25th - 2

Each elimination is worth 5 points

Check our FortniteTracker event listing to see the exact prize pool in your local region

Best of luck to everyone looking to make a bag this season. Stay tuned for more updates from our end by following us on Twitter!

Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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