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During the Fortnite Championship Series finals, a pair of pro players may have utilized denial of service attacks to disadvantage contesters

The Duos iteration of the Fortnite Championship Series did not come without its own slew of drama - who would have thought? Apart from general griefing and storm fighting drama, it is being revealed that a pro team took things one step too far

Let’s rewind to yesterday’s NA-West finals to unravel the whole story. Sihllable is a relatively “OG” competitive player - having qualified for the first iteration of Winter Royale (2018). He also managed to sneak in the Duo FNCS grand finals after a tight heat stage

Right as the NA-West final event set off, Sihllable almost instantly threw a whopper of an accusation: another pro team was DDoSing them

A “DDoS” attack is short for “Distributed Denial of Service.” For those unaware, it basically means that someone overloads your internet with random junk “packets” to intentionally slow/boot off the connection. A nefarious person only needs your IP address to execute a DDoS attack

Sihllable explains that one of Skate and Jayrosez’s friends grabbed his IP address shortly before the DDoS attack started. Jayrosez has been quite a notable name within the NA-West pro scene after winning Trios FNCS for a $40,000 purse. He also squaded up with the likes of Aydan and Kytrex during Squad FNCS


Sihllable and his duo Joqker went on to upload proof to Twitter. The above screenshot shows someone sending them an “IP grabber” link, almost undeniable proof that someone had it out for them. As a result, the duo was not able to queue for any of their games and scored 0 points

Sure this seems like a whole lot of speculation... that’s until Jayrosez made an official statement on the matter to both admit and rat out his duo partner


Ddosing Situation

I was not a part of the DDosing situation that happened during FNCS today. Mid tournament I was receiving dms from the team contesting us had gotten ddosed. I found out it was my duo partner @skate, I told him I was extremely against what he was trying to do before the tournament and knowing he continued with ddosing I decided to throw the rest of the tournament. I felt that if Skate was ruining their chances of playing, I’d ruin his too

Jayrosez claims no blame and did everything he could given the lose-lose situation… and it seems like he may have genuinely thrown given the circumstances. The offending team only scored 4 points in 6 games, only 4 placements above the duo that wasn’t able to queue for a single game


Skate has yet to respond to the situation. Instead, he opted to purge much of his Twitter page and stay inactive. All of the arrows point to Skate being behind this abysmal lack of competitive integrity. After all, an innocent man will do what he can to clear his own name… especially after your own duo turns on you

This situation has no winners. Both teams underperformed over a silly dispute. Being contested off spawn is an integral part of Fortnite and illegally denying your opponent to connect to the internet is a gross overreaction. Hopefully Epic steps in and hands a (justifiably) harsh punishment to Skate while showing leniency to Jayrosez for being stuck in the middle of all this. Show some love to Sihllable and Joqker through this situation

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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