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Vital Scrims No Build

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If you love no builds, join the most competitive no build server here.


Playing scrims is the most popular type of practice that is hosted by the Fortnite community. To compete in third party events and practice in realistic tournament ladders, join one of our partner servers that operate in your region. Build your way to the top from the opens division and into the closed divisions by performing well.

Vital Scrims No Builds NA East Join Server

Tiebreaker will be solved by the sum of wins, then by the average eliminations, then by the average placement, then by the average time survived.

Victory Royale + 9
Reach Top 2 + 4
Reach Top 3 + 4
Reach Top 4 + 4
Reach Top 5 + 4
Reach Top 6 + 2
Reach Top 7 + 2
Reach Top 8 + 2
Reach Top 9 + 2
Reach Top 10 + 2
Reach Top 11 + 2
Reach Top 12 + 2
Reach Top 13 + 2
Reach Top 14 + 2
Reach Top 15 + 2
Reach Top 16 + 2
Reach Top 17 + 2
Reach Top 18 + 2
Reach Top 19 + 2
Reach Top 20 + 2
Each Elimination + 2
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