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Advance from an FNCS Qualifier or be a top ranked trio on the Series Leaderboard to be invited to these Semi-Finals. Each trio will be seeded into one of four Heats. Make it through your Heat (top 8 teams each Heat) to advance to the Finals. Full rules and details can be found at

Tiebreaker will be solved by the sum of Victory Royales, then by the average Eliminations, then by the average Tiebreaker Placement, then by the average Time Alive.

Victory Royale + 5
Reach Top 2 + 5
Reach Top 3 + 6
Reach Top 4 + 1
Reach Top 5 + 1
Reach Top 6 + 1
Reach Top 7 + 1
Reach Top 8 + 1
Reach Top 9 + 1
Reach Top 10 + 1
Reach Top 11 + 1
Reach Top 12 + 1
Reach Top 13 + 1
Reach Top 14 + 1
Reach Top 15 + 1
Reach Top 16 + 1
Reach Top 17 + 1
Each Elimination + 2

Prize Pools are specific to the session and view selected. Please change your selection or view to see the other available pools. Points shown are the current points earned for the given rank.

Session Leaderboard Pool

Fortnite Tracker Power Ranking

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7x multiplier

The admins have set this. We can change these from time to time based on feedback. This event will start to decay

Top 17,000
Top 26,300
Top 35,950
Top 45,775
Top 55,600
Top 65,425
Top 75,250
Top 85,075
Top 94,900
Top 104,375
Top 203,850
Top 303,325
Top 402,800
Top 502,450
Top 602,275
Top 702,100
Top 801,925
Top 901,750
Top 1001,575
Top 1501,400
Top 2001,225
Top 2501,050
Top 300875
Top 400700
Top 500350
Top 1000140
Top 2500105
Top 500070
Top 750035

Points to Qualify

* Points shown are the current points earned for the given rank.
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