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Fortnite World Cup Qualifier

June 8th & 9th. Reach Champion League in Arena mode to unlock this event. This tournament occurs across two rounds - Round One (Semi-Finals) and Round Two (Finals). The Top 3000 players in each region during the Semi-Finals will advance to the Finals. Full rules, eligibility details,, qualification spots per region, and prize distribution is available at

Qualify for the Fortnite World Cup and compete for a $1,000,000 prize pool!


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Match Cap At {{ eventWindowTemplate.matchCap }}

Prize Pool

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What the... no payout?!?! How's poppa gonna get paid

Fortnite Tracker Power Ranking

This event has a 10x multiplier. The admins have set this. We can change these from time to time based on feedback. This event will start to decay

Top 110,000
Top 29,000
Top 38,500
Top 48,250
Top 58,000
Top 67,750
Top 77,500
Top 87,250
Top 97,000
Top 106,250
Top 205,500
Top 304,750
Top 404,000
Top 503,500
Top 603,250
Top 703,000
Top 802,750
Top 902,500
Top 1002,250
Top 1502,000
Top 2001,750
Top 2501,500
Top 3001,250
Top 4001,000
Top 500500
Top 1000200
Top 2500150
Top 5000100
Top 750050
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