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There was a lot of speculation about returning POIs at the start of Fortnite Season 10. A new leak confirms the return of six locations, including Risky Reels and Moisty Mire.

Fortnite Season 10 started with more of a whimper than a bang. Sure, Epic brought Dusty Depot back to the game, but there were few other map changes outside of that.

Today's patch brought us Tilted Town - a new Wild West POI that replaced the unpopular Neo Tilted.

We've also seen rumors about the return of Moisty Mire in place of Paradise Palms - something fans have been excited about since we first saw some related game files.

Now, though, a new leak from @Hypex confirms the addition of more classic POIs back into Fortnite as Season X rolls on.

These lines of text confirm the following locations returning to Fortnite:

  • Moisty Mire
  • Anarchy Acres
  • Risky Reels
  • Greasy Grove

According to Hypex, there are also references to Flush Factory and Tomato Town.

A lot of fans predicted the return of several locations during Season 10, but most of us assumed it would all happen at once.

Instead, it looks like Epic is taking their time and releasing these locations one-by-one.

Which location are you most excited about? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteTracker.

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Jimmy Russo

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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