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Fortnite Season 10 is bringing us some season-long changes to the Fortnite map, reverting Paradise Palms to Moisty Mire and shifting Neo Tilted to a Wild West Tilted Town. Here are all of the leaks, models, and everything else we know.

Anyone who has logged into Fortnite and landed at Neo Tilted knows that the area went through a small change today.

A Rift Beacon opened a rift in the sky, sitting near the center of Neo Tilted.

Epic has used rifts as plot-driving devices throughout the recent history of Fortnite. It was a rift that sucked the original Drift character from our world to the Fortnite world at the beginning of Season 5.

The Rift Beacon at Neo Tilted looks to have a similar function, but what exactly is going to happen?

Tilted Town

Fans of Fortnite were surprised to see the small number of changes Epic made to the Fortnite map when Season 10 released. They brought back Dusty Depot, the nearby factories, and added the meteor as a POI, but didn't do too much outside of that.

According to some data miners who looked at the game files, though, Neo Tilted will transition into a Wild West-themed Tilted Town over the course of the season.

The new Rift Beacon may be the first step in this process.

Apparently, though, Neo Tilted isn't the only area going through some changes with Fortnite Season 10.

Moisty Palms

New POI coming soon: "Moisty Palms" from r/FortniteLeaks

As you can see, this line of text in the game files suggests that Paradise Palms will progressively revert back to Moisty Mire - potentially keeping some of Paradise intact throughout the shift.

Moisty Mire was a fan-favorite and one of the most underrated spots to land when it was in the game. The possibility of its return is exciting to a lot of fans.

This line wasn't the only piece of information that sparked interest, though. The image suggests that locations like Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps could be seeing some changes as well.

That's all we know for now, but more will likely become clear as the Season 10 patches roll in.

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