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Fortnite Tracker API Documentation

We provide this API as an easy way for developers to get information from Fortnite.

  • 1 request per 2 seconds.
  • We do not offer any support or programming support. Do not contact us for help.
  • One API Key per organization. We issue bans daily for abusers.
  • This is for non-commercial use.
  • This API is provided as-is and we reserve the right to ban you, reduce/increase the rate limits, or disable it completely.
  • For our full guidelines, Read more here.
  • Requests will return remaining throttle left in the headers.
Get Fornite BR Player Stats


Platforms: pc, xbl, psn


To make use of our APIs we require you to use an API Key. To use the API key you need to pass it along as a header with your requests.

Please login or register to create an API key.

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