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Fortnite Tracker Replay Viewer FAQ

PC Players Only: Upload your .replay files after playing a match to see detailed stats about the match. Who was in it, which weapons were used, and more! Example Replay

Uploading Replays

Go to the Upload Replays page, browse to where Replays are stored on your drive. (Usually the files are here: %localappdata%\FortniteGame\Saved\Demos or C:\Users\YOURNAME\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Demos)

Data Issues

Your replay stops recording the game when you leave it. Anything that happens after you leave we won't know. We will show question marks or N/A

We get our data from the Kill Feed. So we don't know which rifle someone used, we just know they used a rifle. You will see weapons grouped by how they are labeled in the Kill feed.

Players who camp and have no kills, no deaths, no falls disappear may cause issues w/ final positions.

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