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PlayVS High School

Event Info

This is a series of solos events for High School students in the United States and Canada powered by PlayVS. New players can sign up to play at before the enrollment deadline. Existing players can log into the PlayVS platform.

Tiebreaker will be solved by the sum of Victory Royales, then by the average Eliminations, then by the average Tiebreaker Placement, then by the average Time Alive.

Victory Royale + 5
Reach Top 2 + 3
Reach Top 3 + 2
Reach Top 4 + 1
Reach Top 5 + 2
Reach Top 6 + 1
Reach Top 7 + 1
Reach Top 8 + 1
Reach Top 9 + 1
Reach Top 10 + 2
Reach Top 15 + 2
Reach Top 20 + 2
Reach Top 25 + 2
Reach Top 30 + 1
Reach Top 35 + 1
Reach Top 40 + 1
Reach Top 50 + 1
Reach Top 75 + 1
Each Elimination + 2
The selected session does not have a Prize Pool. Please change session.

Fortnite Tracker Power Ranking

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3x multiplier
PR will be applied to the PlayVS region. Not NAE/NAW.

The admins have set this. We can change these from time to time based on feedback. This event will start to decay

Top 13,000
Top 22,700
Top 32,550
Top 42,475
Top 52,400
Top 62,325
Top 72,250
Top 82,175
Top 92,100
Top 101,875
Top 201,650
Top 301,425
Top 401,200
Top 501,050
Top 60975
Top 70900
Top 80825
Top 90750
Top 100675
Top 150600
Top 200525
Top 250450
Top 300375
Top 400300
Top 500150
Top 100060
Top 250045
Top 500030
Top 750015
No Data! Our records indicate the leaderboards are empty, has this session started yet?
Too Many Players! This event is too big for us to display live match results. You can view individual matches for {{ eventTeamSize === 1 ? 'players' : 'teams' }} from the Leaderboard tab.
Match Listing Not available yet!
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