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The Epic Conclusion

Weekend. Earn points based on each match placement and eliminations. Place in the Top 1500 teams overall and advance to the Grand Finals to compete for glory as the Gauntlet Test Event Champion.

Compete for glory! The Top 1500 teams in Round 1 will advance to the Grand Finals.


+{{ tier.pointsEarned }}
Match Cap At {{ eventWindowTemplate.matchCap }}
Unlock Pin At {{ metadata.pin_score_requirement }}
Max Points Per Match {{ templateMaxPoints }}

Prize Pool

Top {{ threshold.threshold }} ${{ threshold.reward.quantity.toLocaleString() }}

What the... no payout?!?! How's poppa gonna get paid

Session {{ eventWindowNumber }} Leaderboard for {{ regionItems.find(a => a.value === region ).text }}

Last Updated {{ formatShortTime(leaderboard.internal_Last_Updated) }} Next Update: {{ formatShortTime(leaderboard.internal_Next_Update) }}
{{ totalPlayers }} Participated
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