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Pros don’t unanimously agree on much - except when it comes time to complain

The v11.50 patch the new physics engine, Chaos, implemented. To refresh your memory, the new physics engine is supposed to unlock capabilities in future releases, despite nothing fundamentally changing in this patch. In fact, the developer team explicitly mentioned that they wanted everything about Fortnite to “feel the exact same” as the previous patches

Irrespective of the previous statement, I held my caution as unintended side effects are always a possibility… and that seems to be the case here. For the past couple of days since v11.50 was released, pros have been united in just one thing: stacked endgames are extremely laggy

Ping spikes and extreme frame lag are happening to everyone - you’re not going crazy. It’s become so bad that pros are refusing to play until the issues get fixed

With all the hooting and hollering, I decided it was my journalistic duty to get a first hand account of the carnage. So, as one does, I hopped into a solo scrimmage match with a third zone rule for maximum stackage. I got to the third zone with absolutely no problems and legitimately started to believe that all these players were exaggerating

Once the fourth zone began, I instantly saw what everyone was talking about. I had about 50 players in my lobby at that point - roughly the amount in a decently stacked tournament. And let me be the first to tell you, it was one of my worst Fortnite experiences ever. 40-50 ping, when I usually get 20. 60, as low as 40 FPS when my rig usually runs 200 at ease. I have a GTX 1080 and an i7 6700k for heaven’s sake!

If my mid-to-high tier computer build, alongside high speed internet tethered via ethernet gets this much latency and frame issues, I can only imagine the strife of regular console players. To those non-PC players out there, I show you a sign of respect for your service with a simple letter: F

Epic, please take this as a kind "fix your sh*t" request. We love your game, we don't love lagging. Xoxo, ty - hindo

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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