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We at Fortnite Tracker have been hard at work over the past months with an ambitious task: to create a system that fairly ranks the best players in the world. To do that, we pooled many ideas and gathered feedback from both competitive and casual communities

Today, 22 January 2020, we proudly launch the first iteration (v1.0) of Fortnite Tracker Power Rankings

Finally available to the public, you can now visit the power rankings page here

Filter your search by region, platform, and Epic ID. Our ambition is seamlessness and integration. Let us know if the search function or filter methods can be improved


FortniteTracker Power Rankings, top 5 European region

How are we calculating ranks?

To calculate a player’s rank, we use a cumulative point model. Every event a player participates in will be worth a specific amount of points - depending on placement and event difficulty/importance

We created a base point system - flat point distribution between 5-1000 for any player that achieves a top 10,000 event placements. This system is incredibly top heavy, players outside of the top 100 receive less than 200 points while the top players/teams receive closer to the full 1000 points

Additionally, we have included multipliers to the flat point distribution, which varies by event difficulty/importance. A cash cup may have a 1x multiplier, while a World Cup qualifier has a 10x multiplier. Under this assumption, winning a cash cup would be worth 1000 points while winning a World Cup qualifier is 10000

Finally, the only way to consistently ensure the Power Rankings displays the top current players, we have introduced a balanced time decay system. 4 months after a tournament was played, decay begins. It starts by diminishing 10% of the points from that event. That percent slowly increases every month until 18 months elapses. By 18 months, the entire tournament is omitted from power rankings calculations

Jump in and test it out. Please leave feedback on the competitive Fortnite subreddit so we can further improve this early stage operation!

Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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