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Cash Cups are back in Fortnite but some players are unhappy with the reduced prize money. Also can we learn anything about future competitions?

After a few weeks of twiddling their thumbs, competitive Fortnite fans finally have something to look forward to. The in-game ‘Compete’ tab has been updated with four new events; Wednesday Solo Platform Cash Cup, Thursday Solo Cash Cup, Friday & Saturday Solo Hype Nite.

This was great news for most of the community, who were happy to have something to look forward to. However, for some people this still wasn’t good enough. The prize pools are less than what has been offered in previous Cash Cups, meaning you need to place higher to win any money. This has led to a string of complaints that Epic aren’t doing enough and comments like “this isn’t fair”.

In my eyes this is ridiculous, the developers are under no obligation to hand out free money and we should be grateful for the opportunities they do give us. What Fortnite do in terms of open online events is completely unique and we need to remember that. In the past, budding Esports players would have to pay for their own travel and accommodation to go to a LAN if they wanted to compete. Events like the Winter Royale have left some gamers feeling way too entitled, especially considering that these are just small weekly Cash Cups and not major tournaments.

Aside from that, do these Cash Cups tell us anything about what’s next? Well firstly, the fact that all four events are Solos could possibly be telling. In the past couple of seasons, some of the smaller weekly tournaments have mirrored the format of the Fortnite Champion Series. Having seen both Trio and Squad FNCS in the past, fans were predicting either a Solo or Duo competition, and with the Winter Royale being Duos, perhaps Solos is the most likely.

The Hype Nite events are also interesting, Arena ranks are usually reset at the beginning of a new season, but what would be the point of giving out extra Hype if it’s going to be taken away in a few weeks. FaZe Clan coach “DestinysJesus” thinks there may be more to come. He tweeted “They were testing a custom tournament on private servers under the name blackheart a while back just to release the same type of solos over again with decreased money?”.

Competitive Fortnite analyst “Ballatw” believes it may be a while till we hear anything, saying “Feels like another stopgap – probably a real announcement now in February”. This would make sense as they may have something planned for the new season and just be using the Cash Cups to tide us over.

Author Bio

James Peskett

James is a freelance Esports writer from the United Kingdom. He has been playing Fortnite since the release of Battle Royale mode and is especially interested in the competitive scene.


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