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Season Four is upon us builders as we are back with this week's Fortnite Spotlight. Today we take a look at Variety Streamer Managator.

JBeck : Introduce yourself.

*Managator: * The name’s Managator, but most just call me Mana or Manny. I’ve been known as Managator for as long as I have been playing online games, and I have been playing for a quick minute. I am currently partnered with and work full time as a broadcaster and [is] mostly known for PvP streams but [is] currently trying to transition to more of a variety channel.

JBeck : When did you start playing video games?

*Managator: * Ever since my dad bought me a Sega genesis back when I was a kid, I've been hooked. Just playing all those old Disney games (which are impossibly hard I swear) and Sonic. Eventually got a Nintendo 64 and that skyrocketed my addiction, don't even get me started with my Legend of Zelda binge. Fast forward to my high school days and everyone got into Halo, that right there was the true beginning.

JBeck : What was the first game you began to take seriously?

*Managator: * Probably Halo 3. Week after week my friends and I would jump on after school and play for hours. Then Call of Duty Modern Warfare came out, then Battlefield Bad Company 2. Those 3 games were the Triforce [;D] of my “try hard” days. We would try and be the best in all 3, eventually tried GameBattles with Halo 3 and Call of Duty but with conflicting timezones and schedules with all my buddies we couldn't commit to the competitive side unfortunately.

JBeck : When did you decide that Fortnite was the game for you?

*Managator: * It’s chaotic fun. Started getting used to the Battle Royal part of gaming when PuBG came out and saw that Fortnite came out with a BR version and it was just simply fun. It’s crazy how competitive it is too. There’s a weird drive that’s making me want to better myself at the game.

JBeck : What stands out to you about Battle Royal games versus other genres?

*Managator: * It’s just a different engagement every time you load into a match. With conventional shooters you know pretty much what others are going to be using (meta weapons), then you find out the map and fight. I love the conventional shooters don't get me wrong, but with BRs you make it a new experience every time. You have no idea what the enemy will have, or where the next engagement will take place.

JBeck : I noticed you played PuBG a lot during your streams before switching to Fortnite. How did that feel compared to Fortnite?

*Managator: * I was actually very hesitant when PuBG started becoming big because the only MnK experience before that was MineCraft and a bit of G-mod here and there. I was also using that as a way to get better for other PC games such as Destiny 2, and eventually Fortnite. I havent been playing much of PuBG anymore because I really like how faster paced Fortnite is. I know people compare the two games but it’s crazy different, and also how I used to play compared to now.

I was a scared player back at PubG, and now in Fortnite I just run at people.

JBeck : How did you improve your Mouse and Keyboard skills?

*Managator: * Oh boy… hours of PuBG. I may have had a slight addiction to that game for a little bit before Fortnite. I think it was the constant feeling of improvements that kept me going.

I just couldn't let my early failures get the better of me and kept pushing, then I eventually started winning more and more. Conctistancy. Also i’m a very stubborn player, i couldn't always lose, I had to get better.

JBeck : Which game mode feels the most comfortable to you? Why?

*Managator: * Ok this is hard. I play a lot with viewers and subs when it comes to Fortnite. When that happens I like to jump into squads so I can play with more, but when I get to play with other streamers I normally go with Duos. It’s strange, I like both, but the game mode I shy away from the most is Solos. It’s much harder and I just don’t like it as much, but I have been playing it more often just because of that. I have been using that as a way to get better.

JBeck : What do you think your specialties lie?

*Managator: * Mid ranged to sniping. Some of my weakest areas are CQC and build battles. When i’m playing with Kjhovey and TrueVanguard i’m usually behind them unless they really need me to push up with them because i'm more confident when i’m a bit further back. Also since there’s bullet travel and bullet drop when sniping reminiscent to Battlefields mechanics, It just feels really rewarding to snipe.

enter image description here

JBeck : With season 4 just arriving what are your thoughts on the current meta?

*Managator: * I’m a little behind with the past couple patches because of irl things, but as of right now for the meta, I still feel having at least 2 shotguns or a shotgun coupled with a SMG is still ruling.

Start with a pump and switch to a tac shotty or SMG to finish an engagement. I also hear that double pump might be back. Need to try that out.

JBeck : As we continue the evolution of the game itself, what changes would you like to see made about the game as in ?

*Managator: * It’s hard say what i’d want since they are continuously evolving the game already. Maybe get rid of the slow weapon swap. A new map would be nice to see but at the same time they keep on making changes to the already great map, and that keeps it fresh. I do like playing on console with my friends from time to time and it would be nice to have a full controller button layout to edit, such as having the ability to swap the ramp and floor building slot around.

JBeck : Was there any season that you felt Epic should return to? If so, what aspects of it?

*Managator: * I don't really know. There’s a few aspects out of every season that i wish they haven't changed, but that may just be my personal preferences being hurt.

JBeck : When you began streaming which games did you start with?

*Managator: * Destiny. I didn't even know what streaming was until Destiny. I met Kjhovey and he pretty much adopted me into our current clan Resolute. Through that I was asked if I wanted to start streaming for fun on their channel and eventually grew a nice viewer base and created my own channel a couple months later.

JBeck : When did you decide to become a variety streamer?

*Managator: * Mainly after Destiny started to get repetitive. I love Destiny, it’s my baby and it created me, but after 3+ years of non stop playing it I just wanted to become a gamer again. I mainly play shooters, but i’ve always been a gamer, and I wanted to start enjoying different games with my community.

JBeck : Has switching to variety hindered or helped your growth as a channel?

*Managator: * Twitch is a very competitive platform now. A lot of people are trying to get their name out there, including me. I started out with Destiny, and kind of got stuck in the Trials of Osiris scene where most of my success was helping people get flawless. I have my dedicated viewers, but i think half of my support was because of that. Now that I kind of moved away from that scene, others have moved on to broadcasters that have either stayed in that scene, or just moved on in general. I’m not known in any of the other directories on twitch, so i’m on the grind to get back up there.

JBeck : Many people have claimed that low-mid level streamers benefit more on Mixer. What keeps you on Twitch?

*Managator: * I worked hard to get to where I am on Twitch. I’ve dedicated many hours to try and reach my goal to become a partnered broadcaster on Twitch. I don't want to risk that and start over again. Others are finding success, and that’s awesome, but Twitch is my home, and I think i’ll stick it.

JBeck : What are your biggest milestones ?

*Managator: * I haven't really thought about this. Partnership with Twitch was one of the biggest things that happened to me by far. Being noticed in a vast community as one of the top players and best Trials of Osiris players in Destiny was just… i don't even know how to describe it. Because I got noticed in the community, I got to play with some of the biggest streamers, best players, and with just a lot of players in general.

enter image description here

JBeck : Currently the two main focus, for myself at least, are Destiny 2 and Fortnite. Do you see those games becoming competitive in the near future?

*Managator: * Destiny has a lot of competitive potential with the upcoming Warmind DLC. Fortnite is already highly competitive in a way, but as a truly competitive game is iffy in my honest opinion. It’s a battle royal and I think RNG is too big of a factor for true skill. If I were to get involved in one, I’d try my luck in Destiny 2 if it keeps my attention.

JBeck : What changes would you like to see for Fortnite to be competitive?

*Managator: * That’s hard for me to say. There would need to be some custom changes to help make the playing field more equal, but it’s a BR and BR’s are ruled by RNG.

Maybe start the players with an equal amount of building materials. Raise the chances of weapons spawning to give each player a better chance at early game. I also say make the storm disorient the players more.

JBeck : As you continue your streaming, what will you focus on to help yourself grow?

*Managator: * I need to work on myself as a human being. I need to take better care of my health, get more sleep, and maybe one day actually be on time. Consistency is a major key in helping yourself grow. Better health and sleep will help with my attitude and gameplay. I’ve been struggling with sleep lately and i’ve been noticing that it has been affecting my overall performance.

JBeck : Where do you think, game wise, your focus will be going forward? I noticed you are playing God of War currently. What’s next?

*Managator: * I will keep grinding on Fortnite, and hopefully I will jump back into Destiny 2. Other than those, i’ll probably be watching out for other big titles. Maybe play some more Monster Hunter, add another scary game or two. I am eying the new Spiderman game releasing later in the year, that’s for sure. Anything that looks like it’ll be fun, i’ll probably stream it.

To get updates from Managator himself, or to here his thoughts, check his twitter @TheManagator

You can also follow Managator at his Twitch Channel at Twitch.Tv/themanagator

Stay tuned next week for our next Fortnite Spotlight!

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