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Looking past the doubt and speculation, it’s glaringly obvious that Ninja is still a top performer in the competitive Fortnite scene

After failing to qualify for the World Cup solo and duo events, the community has yet to subside thoughts about Ninja’s competitive longevity. Ignoring the negative voices, the recent grind paid huge dividends as Ninja and company absolutely dominated the first heat of the Fortnite Championship Series

The Fortnite Championship Series is a recurring squads tournament that started a month ago. The top 10 teams from each region would automatically advance to stage two, alongside 60 other teams that consistently scored high on the leaderboards. Although Ninja’s team barely missed the top 10 on multiple occasions, they were able to qualify for stage two with ease

Ninja was placed in the first of four heats; they would be the first to compete against other qualified players for a spot in the finals. After 6 hard fought games, the team consisting of Ninja, Reverse2k, Nate Hill, and Funk rallied together to secure 2 dubs and 84 points. Not only did this performance qualify them to the next and final stage - it also made a statement

Ninja is an elite Fortnite player

After securing the second win, Ninja advancing to the finals was certain. His subsequent tweet was empowering, emotional, and a general feel-good community moment

The community was quick to congratulate the old timer

Truly a feelsgoodman, poggers, pogchamp - or whatever emote you prefer. When the dust settled, Ninja’s squad slipped to 4th place (still more than enough for a qualification spot)


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Although 4th place might not seem too dominant, you have to consider a few things. First off, they got two wins - more than any other team in their heat. Ninja’s squad was a mere 15 points behind first place - which could practically boil down to a squad utilizing a more aggressive and less placement-orientated playstyle to rack up more points

Additionally, the gap between 1-4th place was way smaller than 4-6th place. To qualify in heat 1, 49 points was golden number. The team racked up 84, 35 points above the metaphorical warning line. There is no question about it, Ninja is in full form

Finally, it’s worth noting that each stage has a different “optimal playstyle.” Top teams can get away with w-keying their way to first place in the first two stages. Once the finals rolls around, aggressive playstyles are met with a brick wall considering the skill level of a top 100 finals lobby. Ninja’s team is well equipped to carry their skills into the final stretch

… And we are excited to see him continue to crush it. Ninja, Reverse, Nate Hill, Funk - you guys got this. Continue to defy expectations (because it also makes for good content)

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Author Bio

Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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