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Benjyfishy hosts first iteration ‘Fishycup’ tournament with $2,000 up for grabs. Despite being dropped by his previous squad, Mitr0 dominates the leaderboard and snags 1st place

Fishycup saw 100 of the top EU pros group up to fight for honor, glory, and even a couple of dollars. Participating teams are listed below:


MABS Benjyfishy FaZe Mongraal COOLER aqua E11 Stompy

Endretta Kylix Ares Osmo MSF Endretta MSF Osmo MSF Kylix MSF Ares

Svenskarna TSM_Crue chapix 74 RBK Ritz LG beehive

Cores team CoreGamingg Evade SAEVID Veloce lolb0om Atlantis Tuckz

wannabe wkeyers BL Hen sn?p . 300S Jen7 maestr0 .

misty meadows superior scolly Secret_Milan Robabz. Atlantis Magin

FinnexVirsuhPrimzhyAurah Finnex hehe Xypher Virsuh Xypher Primzhy Xypher Aurahh

DeSq VHV Stuffs VHV Zaquez Sigma DucHH Edr4k1ll.


best players mitr0 ?rr K1nz?ll TrainH Falconly

Clement x Keolys x naekoz x Blacky Clement_ttt BDS Blacky Vit?lity KeolyS naekoz.

lets fucking go Gambit.letw1k3 Secret_Domentos Gambit.fwexY VP JAMSIDE

E11xbots elokratz E11 Boyer Th0masHD E11 Klusia

LeStream x Vitality Vitality BadSnpR LeStream Skite LeStream Vato Vitality O?lo

LeStream x lowless x Trixouuu LeStream TheVic LeStream Blax l0wless? Trixouuu

Unvault C4 LZR Rojo Kaxie M?ro k nate

verox and noobs Fnatic Verox Fnatic Motor Secret Mexe matsoe

support players Pate1k. Gambit Toose fr?emok K?ngTV

PippiBaldi Again Fnatic POW3R SUNRISE Shmeky SUNRISE Piz SUNRISE Heatz?

SPAIN x SWEDEN FaZe Vorwenn Baby Belvid Eon znappy waki?

MTB+B hREDS BELAEU E11 Tschiiinken NRG MrSavageM Blo?dx

tickle astro noah tommo tickle FN Gambit AstroSMZ it tommo Nøahreyli

Nyhrox x Itemm x Kinstaar x Zino nyhr?x E11 itemm Solary Kinstaar Z?no

KERM en?rg? Parallel Moqii Kobe is hornie frenzy Ross

Queasy x RedRush x Trulex x LeoJayT Queásy Eon RedRush LeoJayT TrulêX


After Mitr0 was dropped by Mongraal and Benjyfishy to team up with Aquaa and Stompy (team name MABS), the competitive community had concerns as to whether or not he would continue to dominate the EU region. But when Mitr0 and company dropped a 22 kill win in game 1, those thoughts quickly faded

Mitr0 originally announced his new squad consisting of crr, Falcony, and K1nzell back on October 6th

The final standings were just posted: Mitr0’s early lead would pay dividends and no other team would come close. His squad ended with 1160 points while 2nd place only got 745

MABS (Mongraal’s squad) came up just shy of top 3 with a 4th place finish. Unfortunately the tournament was structured such that only the top 3 squads were paid, but I have a sneaking suspicion Mongraal isn’t going hungry over missing out on a few hundred bucks

Benjyfishy plans to host another tournament next week with the potential to become a recurring event. If you watched the event live, let us know if you want to see another Fishycup over on Twitter

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Michael Hindi

Michael “Hindog” Hindi is an active Fortnite player and journalist from San Diego, California. His involvement with competitive Fortnite dates back to Season 5 - both on the battle bus and with a pen & paper.


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