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One of the more popular LTMs in Fortnite, - 'Floor is Lava' - relies on building to stay away from the deadly Lava below. Unfortunately, you can't run away from the lava in Tilted Town.

The 'Floor is Lava' LTM is one of the more entertaining LTMs to play. It's right up there with Arsenal and Wick's Bounty as my favorite LTMs to play since you never have to worry about farming.

The passive material generation and emphasis on building stable structures make 'Floor is Lava' fun. Unfortunately, that all goes out the window when the zone passes over Tilted Town.

I don't think epic has thought of this through. from r/FortNiteBR

As everyone knows, Tilted Town is a no-building zone in Fortnite. Apparently, a layer of lava does nothing to negate the unique mechanics of the Rift Zone.

M House from Epic gave the standard response to this Reddit post: "Thank you for making us aware of this issue! We are looking into it."

Since this is an LTM, I doubt Epic is going to change anything. They'll likely let the game run its course and keep this mode out of the rotation until Season 10 ends.

It will be disappointing if this is the case. 'Floor is Lava' is one of the more popular LTMs in Fortnite.

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Jimmy Russo

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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