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This weekend saw a lot of drama for professional Fortnite, with SypherPK and NickMercs replacing HighDistortion and Tfue leaving Cloakzy and 72hrs.

There was a lot of shuffling over the weekend for professional Fortnite trios. HighDistortion quit competitive Fortnite, and Tfue ditched his team over a promoted Madden 20 stream.

HighDistortion Retires From Competitive Fortnite

Luminosity's SypherPK, FaZe Clan's Nickmercs, and HighDistortion of TSM have been competing as a trio for the duration of the Fortnite Championship Series.

While all three have competitive backgrounds, the trio trends towards the "content creator" side of things rather than true Fortnite professionals.

Nonetheless, the team of Nickmercs, SypherPK, and HighDistortion have been holding their own in the FCS, repeatedly qualifying for the second round.

Unfortunately, that's usually been where their journey has ended. The three have yet to qualify for the third round - narrowly missing the cutoff a few times.

Viewers of Nickmercs and SypherPK know that the two have grown close over the course of Fortnite's lifespan. They competed in and won the first Friday Fortnite tournament, and have been off-and-on Duos ever since.

HD was a newer addition to the team, although the three have always casually played together. Based on the above tweet, though, HD is quitting competitive Fortnite and being replaced with FaZe Clan's Nate Hill, who lost his trio teammates earlier last week.

As entertaining as Sypher, Nick, and HD were to watch compete, Nate Hill will likely provide an immediate improvement to the trio. Hill has a ton of experience in competitive Fortnite and takes the competitive side of things more seriously than HD has in the past.

I look forward to seeing the three compete in scrims this week and the FCS this weekend. Hopefully, this new blood will get them to day 3 for the first time.

Tfue Splits with 72hrs and Cloakzy

The more high-profile split from over the weekend involved Tfue, 72hrs, and Cloakzy.

The first news of tension between the team arose when Tfue Tweeted that he was looking for a new trio on September 7.

During his stream, Tfue, clarified by saying that 72hrs and Cloakzy decided to do a promoted Madden 20 stream during the trio tournament. Tfue was offered the same deal for $140,000 but turned it down to compete with his team.

According to 72hrs and Clokzy, though, Tfue never told them about the deal. When the former two were offered a similar promotion, they took the offer and told Tfue - too late for his liking.

Great in-game comms. Terrible IRL comms.

Tfue feels as though his teammates made him miss the opportunity to make $140,000. He's not mad that they took the deal - he's mad that he turned the deal down and had to miss the tournament anyway.

Hopefully, the three can iron out their differences and get back to competing. This seems like a bump in the road, but Cloak and Tfue are friends. This shouldn't be something that ends the run of one of - if not the - most popular trios in Fortnite.

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Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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