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A new Fortnite leak shows how the upcoming Drum Shotgun will look in Fortnite Battle Royale.

One in the long list of leaks we got with Fortnite patch 9.30 was the upcoming Drum Shotgun. From what we can tell about this item, it appears to be a quick-firing shotgun for close-range damage.

A new leak from @KrispyLeaks on Twitter shows how the drum gun will look in Fortnite - minus the sound effects.

In this clip, the Drum Shotgun replaces the Tactical Shotgun. This isn't exactly how the gun will work, but you can get an idea of the spread and the way it looks from the @KrispyLeaks footage.

Most players in Fortnite - both competitive and casual - are not happy with the current shotgun meta. The Tactical Shotgun is virtually useless when you compare it to the Combat Shotgun. Gray Tacs are also far too common in relation to the rest of the shotgun pool, leading to full games without encountering an upgrade.

Thankfully, Epic looks to be taking steps to address this problem with the introduction of the Drum Shotgun.

We'll have to wait and see how the gun actually performs when it's put into the game.

The Fortnite team is going away for the Summer starting on June 24, which means we'll likely see all of the new leaked items coming into the game between now and when they come back on July 8.

Hopefully, the Drum Shotgun is the next addition to the weapon list.

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