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A new patch usually means a new list of leaks from the game files. Unfortunately, Epic has encrypted everything this week to prevent leaks.

Usually, a new patch would bring us a new slew of leaked cosmetics and possibly some new information about the season 9 event. Unfortunately, data miners were unable to get their hands on any of the files this time around.

Popular date miners like Lucas7Yoshi and Hypex have been left high and dry with patch 9.21. All of the files in the patch are encrypted, which means they're unable to see what's coming next.

This process doesn't bode well for the future of leaked skins, items, and events. it might be a step towards encrypting all files for each patch.

It's also possible, though, that Epic is hiding something important with this patch. They took extra steps to encrypt these files because they didn't want the community to spoil an upcoming event.

We already know a few things about the upcoming week or so for Fortnite based on leaks from the last patch. We know the Prop Hunt mode is coming, and even know what to expect from the week 6 challenges.

Hopefully, this isn't the new normal for Fortnite. Finding out about a few things early is fun, but Epic's secrecy regarding events is understandable.

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