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Epic Games has released a blog post that reiterates their ruling on cheaters in competitive Fortnite.

Pro player XXiF was caught cheating via kill feeding in week 3 of the World Cup Solo qualifiers. He had to forfeit his placement position and received a 14-day competitive ban after Epic reviewed the footage.

One of the players feeding XXiF kills was his duo teammate, Ronaldo, who also received a ban for his part in the cheating.

Most of the professional players and streamers who reacted to the ban said that it was far too short for both players. All players involved missed only one week of duo and solo qualifiers each.

During week 8, fresh off their two-week ban, XXiF and Ronaldo qualified as a duo team for the World Cup finals.

The reaction to the team's qualification was about what you'd expect. The professional community was up in arms about two proven cheaters qualifying for the biggest eSports prize pool in history.

I found a way to trigger the Event from r/FortNiteBR

On June 7, Epic Games posted a blog about their competitive ruling, seeming to double-down on their finding.

“We assess penalties for teaming scenarios based on our penalty matrix. Initial infractions and first time offenses include disqualification and forfeiture of prizes from a given event and a 14-day competitive ban," the team said.

"Repeated infractions or increased severity, such as evident teaming across multiple matches or coordinating against an opponent, results in a more severe penalty.”

This is an explanation of sorts, but not one that sits well with the vast majority of competitive players.

We'll have to wait and see how this all shakes out. We've already seen Dr. Lupo, one of the people casting the event, say that it's going to be very hard not to mention it during the tournament in New York City.

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