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Streamers, pro players, and hopeful fans have all been criticizing Epic Games for their scheduling conflict with the World Cup qualifiers and the celebrity pro-am. Epic has responded and changed the date of the qualifiers.

Scheduling around competitive events has never been a strong point for Epic Games. Any fan of professional Fortnite will remember the Infinity Blade debacle, where Epic added the game-breaking weapon to all modes right before a tournament qualifier.

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise, then, to learn that Epic had scheduled the last week of World Cup duo qualifiers for the same weekend as the Summer Block Party and the Celebrity Pro-Am.

Several high-profile streamers like Ninja and Cloakzy have been criticizing Epic Games for their poor scheduling during the end of the World Cup qualifiers. Ninja went so far as to say he was trying to get out of the Pro-Am during one of his streams.

Not only would pro players attending the event be put at a disadvantage, but high-level players at home wouldn't be able to enjoy the celebrity Pro-Am.

Epic responds

Thankfully, Epic responded in a post on the Competitive Fortnite subreddit, ensuring the community that they heard their feedback and will reschedule week 10. As an added bonus, they doubled the prize pool to $2,000,000 in week 9 and 10.

"Hey Fortnite World Cup Competitors,

We are rescheduling the Week 10 Fortnite World Cup Online Open.

The Semi-Finals will now take place on Thursday, June 20th. The Finals will take place on Friday, June 21st. The start time for each region will begin one hour later than the regular scheduled tournaments of previous weeks. You can expect to see the new dates and times listed in the game later this week.

We will also be doubling the prize pool for Week 9 and Week 10, for a new total of $2,000,000 for each tournament. The schedule and timing for Week 9 will remain the same.

Remember this is your last chance to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in New York City. Best of luck!"

This was a problem from Epic on two fronts, so it's not too surprising that they eventually made the change. The players participating in the Pro-Am weren't happy, and viewership would suffer if the qualifiers and Pro-Am were competing for eyeballs.

The Summer Block Party remains unchanged, and you can still purchase tickets for the event here.

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