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The duo team of XXiF and Ronaldo, who were banned for cheating during the week 3 solo competition, secured a spot in New York during the week 8 qualifiers amongst new cheating allegations.

There are likely a lot of cheaters trying to qualify for the World Cup. Epic has done their best to implement a real-time anti-cheat mechanic that will ban players for using hacks and teaming before the game even finishes.

One aspect that Epic can't police too effectively is in kill feeding. It's very difficult to tell whether a player is feeding his opponent a free kill without reviewing the replay of the game.

After the week 3 solo competitions, though, the community reviewed the replays of XXiF, who placed second in the open qualifier. The kill-feeding was obvious in this instance and resulted in a 14-day competitive ban and a forfeit of his qualification spot. He and his teammate Ronaldo were then dropped from the Rise Nation pro team.

Week 8 Qualification

It looks like SypherPK is a bit of a Fortnite Nostradamus. He predicted the exact situation we currently find ourselves in. XXiF returned from his ban to qualify in the duo tournament with Ronaldo in week 8.

The Fortnite community was ruthless in their scorn for XXiF and Epic Games once the duo qualified. Almost all Fortnite pro players and streamers thought the ban was far too short, especially considering Nate Hill was banned longer for doing much less.

It goes without saying that Epic will be reviewing the gameplay of XXiF and Ronaldo to see if there was any funny business. Cheating a second time would be incredibly dumb, and would almost certainly result in a lifetime ban from competitive Fortnite.

Still, there are some who are saying that at least one of the kills given to XXiF and Ronaldo looked a bit fishy.

Common sense dictates that it's highly unlikely that the duo cheated to secure their spot in the week 8 qualifiers. They would have to have no regard for their competitive futures if they did. Stranger things have happened, though.

The qualification of the duo is a black eye for competitive Fortnite. Epic could have made an example out of XXiF but decided to go easy on him instead.

With the final weeks of the solo and duo competitions coming up, we'll likely see even more cheating take place. This is the last chance for a spot in the World Cup finals, and unknown players are likely going to do whatever it takes - especially after Epic had such a light ruling on XXiF.

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