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The John Wick X Fortnite crossover event is on the horizon, with new challenges, a new game mode, and new skins. One of those skins might put Halle Berry's character in the game.

Fortnite has never been great at keeping their events under wraps. Anyone who follows the game closely knows that almost all of the major events and in-game crossovers leak days or even weeks before they happen.

The same is true of the John Wick crossover event that I assume is set to take place this weekend. Lucas7Yoshi_ and other data miners provided us with nearly all of the information about the event, including the LTM, the challenges, rewards, and the official John Wick skin.

Although we already covered most of the leaks surrounding the event, one skin raised a few eyebrows when it was initially found. It's missing a head, so it was tough to tell what the skin would be.

Upon further reflection, it appears as though this skin is going to be Sofia - played by Halle Berry in John Wick 3.

So far, these are the only two leaked skins from this week's patch. We'll keep you posted if the data miners find any more.

John Wick 3 hits theaters this Friday, so it makes sense that the event would begin then as well.

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Jimmy Russo

Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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