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Fortnite has updated the news feed and tweeted the first official teaser for the John Wick crossover event.

We already know that the John Wick X Fortnite crossover is coming. The only thing is... we're not supposed to know about it just yet. Sure, the John Wick mansion is in the game, but all of the other information we have about the event if from leaks and data mined information.

Today, though, we got an update to the news feed and a tweet from the official Fortnite account, teasing the upcoming John Wick crossover for the first time.

Thanks to some leaks, we already have a ton of information about what this crossover will include. We'll get a new John Wick skin in the shop, a slew of new challenges to complete, and an LTM called "Wick's Bounty."

According to the data mined information, this game mode will revolve around collecting gold coins from fallen enemies. The team who reaches the coin limit first will win.

The John Wick movie releases this weekend, so we can probably expect this event to start on Friday.

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