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This week's patch didn't come with too many leaks so far, but we did get details on the new John Wick Crossover including the new skin, challenges, and an overview of the LTM.

New patches always come with a leak or two, but v9.01 hasn't revealed any new item shop cosmetics thus far.

That doesn't mean that data miners have nothing to find in the game files, though. We got some new information about the upcoming John Wick crossover and Wick's Bounty LTM.

John Wick Skin

I thought we already had a John Wick skin in the game, but it appears as though the Reaper skin will be relegated to a cheaper version of the upgraded John Wick skin.

There will also be a damaged variant to the new skin, along with the Golden Token back bling.

According to data miner @Lucas7Yoshi_ this skin will be available in the item shop instead of through challenges. Speaking of challenges, here's what we'll be able to complete when the event goes live.

LTM and Challenges

Wick's Bounty appears to be a team-based game that revolves around collecting tokens from eliminated players. This has a "Kill Confirmed" feel to it. You have three lives, but token leaders will be visible on the map.

One thing we don't know is whether or not dying will drop all of the coins you're carrying. It would be an interesting wrinkle if that were the case.

The challenges are relatively standard, and you can see the rewarded back bling in the section above.

There's no official word on when this LTM will go live, but its presence in the game files likely means we'll be getting it in next week's patch.

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