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The next weapon we'll likely see in Fortnite is the Tactical Assault Rifle. A new leak provides additional details on the damage, rarety, and more.

It looks like the first weapon coming to Fortnite after the huge Season 9 patch will be the Tactical Assault Rifle. We've heard that this weapon will somehow be related to the leaked John Wick event that's happening to promote the new movie.

We can probably expect this weapon in a content update or patch this week. In the meantime, data miner Lucas7Yoshi_ gave us some information on the Tactical AR including the rarety, damage, mag size, reload time, and fire rate.

Based on this information, it looks like the Tactical AR is going to be the Tactical SMG of the assault rifle category. It has a high fire rate along with substantial damage fall-off.

It seems like the Tac AR is going to an addition that will round-off the assault rifle class. We have the slow-firing Heavy AR and slower-firing Infantry Rifle.

Epic may be even hoping that the inclusion of this new AR might mitigate the problems the Drum Gun is causing - but another spray weapon might cause more issues than it solves.

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